Poem 5. A note of Apology, for Delhi…

Sorry, we left you in ICU…

Dear Delhi,

You have been molested
And I am a culprit too..
I wished there was something
I could actually do..

A place of historical, heritage value,
We have treated you like we treat our women, Yes we did!!
We raped, exploited & abused you!!
And than to wash away our guilt,
We would light a candle on India Gate, too!!
But sorry, we can’t light a candle for you
As it may cause global warming,
I thought, you knew…

At the moment, the only thing I could do is
Wish you a speedy recovery and
Sorry, we left you in ICU !!

#pollution, #globalwarming, #abusingnature, #cosmopolitan, #indiagate, #delhi

Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

29 thoughts on “Poem 5. A note of Apology, for Delhi…”

  1. Beautifully expressed and poetically articulated feelings. I too feel that we must step up now and come out of our comfort zones to save our planet….or it’ll be too late.

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement… Delhi is just one of these cities that need our attention and immediate action !! Hopeful that we will be able to do something about it soon


  2. All the srife & suffering of Delhi”s unsaid untold trauma expressed so beautifully & effectively communicated . The Plight of Delhi is so heartfelt that everyone feels pathetic calling for Immediate Earnest Action .

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  3. Yet Another good one from you Shivali … and so apt at this time … it’s something we all feel, but you’ve put beautiful words to our thoughts/ feelings .. thanks for penning this down

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  4. Delhi is really I’ll fated from the day one. It is used, misused and abused more than fifteen times from Hastinapur to New-Delhi status.it’s a really big concern and nobody is serious on this subject. I appreciate your concern & efforts to describe the situation.God bless you & keep writing on burning issues.

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