Food- My Religion !! It’s my connection with My Soul !!#Poha

PMS or no PMS, I have always believed that good food has a magical, calming and soothing effect on me & my moods. And I am spellbound. For me, Food is my absolute religion and so I have many Gods, many many favorites…one of it that comes very handy in all hours of a day, which somehow has managed to sneak in my diet chart quietly is this amazing favourites, mouth watering, tantalizing Indian savories#indoripoha (rice flakes)!!

When you dig deeper in the history (basically Wikipedia πŸ™ƒ for our generation), you will find how post-independence somewhere in the central part of the Indian subcontinent, in the city of Indore these flakes of flattened rice found its way to glory. For a country which lives mostly on two grains wheat & rice, some creative food artisans would have explored options to make food more delectable to the palate.

Poha does full justice to most of your sensory organs. Like as they say, you first eat food using your eyes, then through your nose and finally, the mouth enjoys it. The colour contrasts of pink onion, white potatoes, red tomatoes, green peas, curry leaves & coriander, with tiny black mustard seeds sprinkled all along the turmeric soaked flattened rice flakes…And if this wasn’t enough to tantalise your taste buds, garnish it with tangy lemon juice drops & crispy green chillies. It’s like a poetry, written with love ❀️, it’s like a colourful painting where all the careful details make it a picture perfect!!

The greatness of this cuisine lies in the fact that it can be customised as per the regional or personal preference for taste. You can add fennel seeds & sugar if you like it a bit sweet. If you want to give your taste buds a spice kick, just add lahsun sev or indori namkeen to garnish. It’s such a typical representation of us Indians that while keeping its identity intact, it warmly adopts everything that adds & increases it’s flavour and makes the look & taste more richer.

So next time you travel to the Central India, make sure that “IndoriPoha with masala chai” is in your list of Must-Try!!

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Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

5 thoughts on “Food- My Religion !! It’s my connection with My Soul !!#Poha”

    1. So glad to know about your love for indian cusines. You must try it on your visit to India or any Indian restaurant. Would love to hear about your experience. Happy Holidays


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