#MyTwoCents Series #16. Toxic Mindsets & Energy Sucking Buggers !!

While reading an article by an author on one of the blogging sites about why should we celebrate Men’s day, at all?, I was filled with immense negative thoughts and feelings that lingered in my mind for more than a few days. I was tempted to react by writing a nasty comment on the blog (remember NEWTON, and his ideas on equal & opposite reaction🙃) but just than the GANDHI in me took over!! What difference would be there between the both of us if I also respond negatively. And I left it to my mind to analysis and understand what makes a person TOXIC?

Hence, my QUEST !!!

What makes us TOXIC ? The first principle that we were taught during the Guidance & Counseling programme at NCERT, (RIE Ajmer) was that basically we are all good. If that’s true, (which I have been trained to believe that it is!!!) so what makes us negative or toxic ??

According to Vedic Documents (Vedas & Upnishads) the world is a composite of three elements Sattva-Rajas-Tamas and everything which is tangible is also a manifestation of these three, in different permutations and combinations, of course. Which also means that we all have both positivity and negativity built-in, and what we feed to ourselves both mind & body, makes our personality. Simply put we become what we eat, drink, hear, feel and see. Our sensory organs help us create memories and based upon our previous experience, we choose our response to a situation. So it’s like Garbage in-Garbage out!!

Is it true, that our life experiences that make us bitter? But even the bittetest of all are not bitter for their significant others. So I am left to believe that everytime we choose to be bitter, it’s our conscious decision, our choice to respond negatively. But why would we choose to be negative?

Betty bought some butter, but the butter was bitter, so Betty bought some more butter to make the bitter butter better. If Betty can improve the taste of butter by adding some more not-so-bitter butter, so can we, isn’t it? Now if it were only butter’s taste that we had to improve it was easy, but we are talking about mindsets, attitudes & negativity.

“Mansa-vacha-karmana”( मनसा: वाचा: कर्मणा:) written in Sanskrit, means mind-body-action, any change that we want to bring in, is possible only when we go full throttle on all three. Doing what we think is right !! In other words, bring consistent in our approach.

Picture Credit: Pinterest
Maj. Sumeet Chhibber

Our mind has a totally different agenda. It works on “Like be-gets Like”. Hence, we need to be careful about what we feed our mind, body & soul, in terms of what we eat, what kind of friends we make and what kind of music we listen too.

“When I am hurt or feeling sad, I don’t like to that people around me, are happy !!”, told my 9YO. Does that happen with us adults too? So if you are happy, you spread smiles, happiness, cheerfulness around you. Else, otherwise.

Factoid : Have you ever noticed, that the rotation per minute i.e. the speed of your car varies with the beats per minute of music you are listening? Imagine what damage these toxic mindsets can do to you.

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Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

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