My Gratitude Journal 🙏

My Gratitude Journal 🙏

It feels like yesterday!

After completing my research work, I was mulling over the idea of picking up my career again. When a friend (Ms Pooja Maheshwari Salwan) sent an invite to attend a workshop by Ms Brinda Narayanan, who had recently published her second book (The Trespasser, 2019) for encouraging people to explore the writer within.  Sometimes it takes just one moment, that one powerful moment to realise your hidden potential and passion.

I had begun to write poetry when I was 17…and while growing up, had totally forgotten about it.  Until that day! When I explored my true self while scribbling thoughts randomly and decided to experience the pleasure of writing all over again.
It was 15th June 2019, when I posted my first blog- The seven-years’ itch! and since that day there was no looking back. Today, I am 49 articles old and this is my 50th!

When I first started to write, there was a great deal of excitement and also initial anxiety, whether what I write will it resonate with others? Will it fetch me, readers?

I took writing more like a therapy to release the pent-up emotions of a workaholic who had become a full-time mother and a homemaker. (Don’t mistake me, I thoroughly enjoy this role but I don’t mind accepting that it gets overwhelming from time to time.)😊

And then one day, while reading my thesis (Emotional Intelligence and Impact on Performance in Banking Sector in Delhi-NCR & Rajasthan) I remembered the advice given by my Research Guide (Dr Harsh Purohit). I decided to take my research to the next level. My first Book (Aiming to publish it next year, 2021) !!

During my research days, I had a chance to meet over 400 BFSI professionals, both men and women and was fortunate that some of them shared their success stories with me. I started to write those inspirational stories (of course maintaining the confidentiality), as I already had their permission to use the information for my research and so came the stories under #MeetTheMomSeries, which got immense of love on WordPress. And then a friend (Ms SwatiSharma) another fellow blogger, suggested Momspresso!

While I was busy penning down the stories #MyBodyIsNoneOfYOurBusiness (a post about a woman, a mother’s story about fighting with the taboo, body shaming and finding her way to happiness) became my first featured post on Momspresso.

And then #TheRapeAbuseAndMolestationSeries took the readers by storm. That made me realise that there are issues, be it physical or mental abuse that needs to be brought to the table. It needs to be put in the correct perspective, without blaming any particular gender or class or community. Why because be it mental well-being or abusive behaviour, it has been treated as a taboo in our society, due to little or not enough awareness.

While the readers showered their love, some sought for help, support and counselling too. That gave me the courage and also a kind of reassurance that I have finally found the purpose of my life. Ever since I was a child, I had this belief that each life has a purpose and the journey of life is about discovering that purpose. And like each seed and each flower, every body’s time to bloom varies and hence can’t be, rather shouldn’t be compared.

Hence, I continued to write and with time mustered the courage to explore more platforms and experiment with my writing. Along came, #TheMindsJournal, #YourQuotes, #MompreneurCircle, #Penmancy, #WomensWeb, #AsianLiterarySociety and some recognitions which continue to motivate me.

While I pursue, my journey and my life’s goal to write and share stories about the beautiful people who touched my life with their positive energies, I am filled with deep, eternal gratitude.

I have a long list of people who influenced, encouraged and supported me ever since I was a child, to this moment, when I have two of my own. This is my attempt as a ‘Gratitude Journal’ to say thank you to each one of you for playing a special role in developing me, as I am.

Thank you, Shavet Jain for providing me with the platform and celebrating my work as one amongst the # TheBestBlogger2019 #TheBloggerOfTheWeek on Momspresso and giving me a couple of hours window to bring some change in the lives of people that I connect with.

Thank you, Lalita Goyal for helping me with my first attempt of writing a series of articles in Hindi – “पारिजात के फूल” which I dedicated to my mother on Mom’s Day.

Thank you, #YourQuotes for creating the opportunity to self-publish two of my quote books.

Thank you, Navixha Bagga Kapur, for making me feel like a celebrity and inviting me on your FB page to speak my mind.

Thank you, Lokesh Bhagat ( for featuring my thoughts on your platform to reach to the students and their parents, where we can actually make a difference.

Thank you, Dr K B Rath, Dr Ranju Mehta, Mr Hemant Gupta and Sandeep Kumar for being my mentors and my guiding lights.

Thank you Vikram Dhar & Dr Anju Chawla for showing the way towards transformation using the concepts of #NeuroLinguisticPrograming & #EmotionalIntelligence.

Thank you, Meenakshi Dixit for instilling the values and confidence in me. You are my biggest inspiration. Deepali Sharma, Rupali Sarin, Priya Jodhawat, Seema Sinha  & Anu Mathew for your unconditional support.

Thank you, my dear parents, for deciding to have me as part of their big happy family. They not just named me ‘Lucky’ but also made me feel like one.

Thank you, Nishant Saxena for those endless supplies of tea and coffee when I needed to be drugged. Also, to my little girls, who ensure that I become a better person, each day.

And the biggest thanks to all of you, for sparing time to read my work. Please continue to provide your feedback.

Keep your love coming, keep shining !

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Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

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