The Mental Well-Being Series #2 That 10 Headed Demon!

In this part of the world, we grew up listening to the mythological story of  Ravana, the demon who had 10 heads. And if you are a late bloomer, you would have grown up watching those epics on your television screens. Awestruck!! we were, weren’t we?

The archaeologists have confirmed that the legend of Rama-Seeta -Hanumaan &  Ravana did actually exist. Thousands and thousands of years later, today, why I am mentioning it here, is because I believe that 10 headed demon still exists!!

Yes, it does!! The demon is “Negativity” Also known by his 10 heads as below.

1. Unclear Self-Image/ worth

2. Self-Doubt

3. Low Self-Esteem

4. Fear

5. Tension

6. Guilt

7. Panic Attacks

8. Anger Issues

9. Substance Abuse

10. Stress Disorders

These heads keep popping out for each one of us, at some point in our lives. And the majority of the times, our intellect, our cognitive powers and capabilities are able to manage them. When they say, “Time is the best healer” it may apply to the majority of the situations. We do “hit & trial” and try to find our way out of stressful, in some cases unfortunate life-altering incidents.

But the flag needs to be raised when we find someone, taking unusually longer time to recover. As part of his/her circle of influence, that’s THE time we need to pitch-in.

Not all behavioural disorders require psychiatric interventions, like not all physical ailments, need surgery. And when we need surgery, what do we do? We prepare ourselves for it, as early and positively as possible.

Why mental wellbeing or mental health-related issues not treated with the same amount of ease as physical ailments? (Would appreciate your comments).

Presenting here a situation, which could have been resolved with active participation and teaming up with a psychiatric intervention but ended up otherwise.

The Misplaced Emotions

He was very attached to his mother as a child and the bond only grew stronger over the period of time. The only son, amongst 5 children, he was pampered, spoilt rotten. The mother grew over-fond of him, after her husband passed away. A few years later, he got married. His wife found this affection unusual. Often she would ask him, why he still wanted the first bite of his dinner to be fed by his mother? Initially, she found it awkward but decided not to intervene as both her husband and his mother would feel offended. The situation got out of control when the mother passed away and a full-grown adult felt helpless as an infant.

For weeks, yes for weeks he didn’t step out of his mother’s room. He has no social circle to interact with. Till date, he only eats “Khichdi” every single day since last 10years now. For “khichdi (porridge made with rice &lentils)” was his mother’s favourite food!

Can you help identify the point where things could have been corrected?

Writer’s Plea:

The aim of this series is to create awareness around mental health and wellness. Any clinical mental well-being related disorders need psychiatric treatment and empathetic support from the community.

Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

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