But My Skin Needs A Scrub First !!

I feel happiest in my skin, when …. phew πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

It left me thinking not just for hours but for days. Finally, after days of drilling, I pulled up the courage to pen my thoughts.

Happiness or being comfortable means different things to different people, isn’t it so? To me, it starts with accepting my skin, like literally!! It’s texture, the colour, the roughness the freckles, the blemishes, the dark circles, the stretch marks so on & so forth.

But what  does feeling happy in the skin actually mean?

Well, well!!  I had questions….

  1. Does it mean identifying myself who I think I am or what others think of me?
  2. Does it also mean to be able to accept my flaws/ drawbacks/ weaknesses as well? Things that I actually didn’t love about myself.
  3. Does it also mean, not just making peace with it but also to be appreciative of oneself?

Trust me, if asking these questions you thought was difficult, being able to absorb my own responses was equally nerve-wracking!

At the physical level, we all know that skin has several layers. My soul-searching made me discover some of those mental and emotional layers as well. And like an inquisitive mind, I felt the need to uncover each one of it. I took off !!  To find Me.

While searching my soul, I realised that like my unattended skin, my soul also required scrubbing. Scrubbing off, of all those unproductive thoughts, negative emotions and unwanted memories which were not doing me any good rather were damaging my self-image.

They were there since forever, with their sole purpose of making me feel low with their weight. No wonder, we feel heavy when experiencing a negative emotion, I reckon.  Does gravity work on emotions and feelings as well πŸ€”πŸ€”?

Nonetheless, I decided to drag and drop them in the trash can of my brain’s supercomputer. Bidding farewell ain’t easy, I agree. It took a lot of effort but I managed it successfully πŸ™‚. I didn’t mind seeking help from people around me and why should I? After all, you should depend on your family and friends, they make you who you are! And not just them, if need be I may come to you as well someday, remember ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ hence everyone is accountable! Won’t you agree?

So I hugged myself and decided to move on. That was my first step towards accepting myself as I am and taking charge of what I want to keep and what I want to  Let-Go! 

This was the most empowering thought I could ever give to myself,  “accepting my self the way that I am and letting go of that unimportant stuff ( which could be emotions, feelings, in some cases people as well πŸ™‚πŸ™‚, it’s ok !!)

And when I write this, it is not just for myself that I say but also for all those women out there who have learnt to find their way out in this world on their own and those who don’t seek for approval from others for how they should be!

So for me, that is feeling the happiest in your skin…it doesn’t stop at acceptance, or self-love and care. I rather celebrate it each day, being myself, the way that I am!

Writer’s Note: Three Cheers To All Those BadAss Mums Out There!! Keep Shining!!✨

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Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

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