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Give Life Another Chance! Choose Happy!!

Life Is Thy Game Played With The Roll Of A Dice,
Foreplay Of Opportunities, Transpiring Into Fire And Ice!

They Say “The Sole Purpose Of Your Existence
Is To Live And Die In The Service Of  Man-Kind.
The Only Reason For Your Life, Is To Sacrifice”
To All Such Voice, Turn An Eye, Which Is Blind.

Now, Don’t Get Me Wrong.
I Am All In, To Support Each Other.
That’s What Makes Us A Community!!
But I Am Not Game To Deprive Someone Of Living Their Life In The Name Of Charity.

Each Life Has A Motive, A Purpose, Some Goals.
Let’s Go On This Excursion Called Life
And Let’s Explore It As The Dice Rolls.

Make Yourself, Your Top Priority, And Chill!
If You Don’t Love Your Self, Who Will?

Self-Care Is Self-Love At It’s Best
And If You Are Wondering How?
Let Me Put Your Mind To Rest.
Self-Love Ain’t About Becoming Selfish.
Rather It’s About Accepting Yourself, As-Is.

It Is About Plugging Those Gaps
And Healing That Unattended Wound.
It Is About Comforting Your Broken Soul
And Wrapping One’s Self In A Soft Cocoon.

I Bet You Still Remember The Safety Caution
In The State Transport Bus.
‘Yatri Apne Saamaan Ki Khud Hi Hafazat Karen’ So Why This Fuss??

All Airlines Have This On Their Safety Instructions And Manuals, Lengthy
Put Your Oxygen Mark First, Before You Attend To Others And Than Pose For A Group-Fie!!

If A-Friend-In-Need-Is-A-Friend-Indeed
Pray, You Become Your Best Buddy.
On This Journey, I Wish You Luck And Godspeed.

And If You Agree With The Stuff Mentioned Above
Then There Is No Way Why You Won’t Join My Self-Care Campaign, My Drive For Self-Love!!

Let’s Give Our Lives Another Chance.
And When You Fall In Love This Time
How About You Choosing Yourself For This Bromance?

PS: Show Some & Love Towards Your Self! Be Your Own Valentine, This Year!!!

SelfCare #SelfLove #ChooseHappy #ChooseLife

PC: Unsplash


Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

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