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“Life Fascinates Me To Learn Something New Each Day”- Mrs Kameswari Suryanarayna

To My Source Of Inspiration,

This post is my tribute to the multi-talented person, the powerhouse of enthusiasm and positivity Mrs Kameswari Suryanarayna!!

An 85YO, talented painter, a passionate baker, a photography enthusiast, and a part-time drummer!!! Her age-defying passion for life reflects in her choice of career as a Karnatic Music Guru!!

Born and brought up in a humble south-Indian family, Mrs Kameswari is one of her six siblings. A keen observer, a fast learner and a natural talent in music, she picked up the nuances of Karnatic music at a very early age.

She did her first live orchestra performance when she was 17years old. Though her formal music training started somewhere in her mid-thirties when she was already a mother of two school-going kids.

She continued to pursue her passion for music, which became her career eventually. Some of her early recordings are still played on Doordarshan & AIR even to date.

Today, in her mid-eighties, she maintains an active and healthy lifestyle, has a very disciplined approach towards life, food and thoughts and continues to train her pupils through her online classes.

Quoting her “I take utmost care of what goes inside me, both mind and body!”

This was an eye-opener for me and also became my Mantra to good physical and mental health as a Life Coach.

We all need a role model, a hero in our life who acts like a reference point, who inspires us during the times when we feel low.  And I feel extremely privileged to have found one in  Mrs Kameswari Suryanarayna!!

Here is what she has to say,

“Though I started reviving my classical music rather late I learnt a lot with studying the theory portion of it. Our classical music is bound by rules. And with a change of one Swara the whole mood of the raga changes. It needs a bit of training to understand and enjoy our music either by singing or enjoy singing by others. This I realised when I started to learn the theory portion. I very much wanted to share the elevation of my spirit while hearing the experts.

All of us can’t sing. But some people are blessed with this art that can make others happy while satisfying themselves with their singing. I utilised my teaching experience to prepare the audience for these gifted singers. I feel that this is my little bit of contribution to the music world.

For school-going children, I teach good foundational music. For the middle age group, I explain the nuances and greatness of our music appreciate while teaching them to sing according to their standard. Likewise, I am conducting Thyagaraja Aradhanas for the last nearly 30 years. 

While in the beginning most of the people didn’t know what was Aradhana and who was Thyagaraja now they look forward to my Aradhana function.

If you have most of the things with the grace of God we feel that something is missing. I felt that when once my responsibilities were over and I have enough to look after myself unless you do your bit to share your knowledge or wealth with deserving people you won’t be happy.

This made me do my social work at my village by organizing eye camps, encouraging deserving students in the schools with cash prizes for best students in academics, arts and sports and financial assistance for deserving students. This gives me the utmost satisfaction and happiness.”

Click on the link and watch her in a candid conversation:

Writer’s Plea:

The thought behind this initiative is to bring forth the role models from around us. Each of the beautiful people featured on this platform has been a hero and a source of inspiration for us. We hope that this initiative inspires many more to live life to its fullest. Please join us in celebrating this beautiful life- Mrs Kameswari Suryanarayana !!!


Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

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