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Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

What you sow, is what you reap!!

Couldn’t have found a better phrase that describes what we feed our mind, reflects in our thoughts, conversations and behaviour.

Read some beautiful posts penned on this prompt, my take here is about our PERSPECTIVE, towards life, our careers, our jobs, our kids but most importantly about our relationship with our SELF.

While addressing a group of enthusiastic parents in a workshop, the image of a glass filled with water triggered innumerable thoughts about how each one of us has a uniquely different perspective towards the same object/ experience/event.

The glass, the content and the emptiness of the container and the image took me on an inward trip.

How much can I hold, decides my capacity, my capability!!

What content I have within deciphers the depth of my personality, my attributes and my traits!!

The emptiness of my container would determine how much I am willing to accept myself as an individual, how much I am ready to accept the people in my ecosystem, and my ability to respond to any change in the environment and within myself. And that provides me with a way to creatively explore myself!!

This was an incredibly empowering thought.

Sometimes, it is convenient for us to find faults with others, blame the circumstances for not being cordial, or not favourable for us. And at times, we go on to criticize ourselves for not being able to address circumstances adequately or begin to doubt our capabilities. It is in those situations that the power of positive self-talk can be best used to introduce that shift in our thought process.

And when that happens it won’t bother us whether our glass is half-empty or half-filled, we would be completely assured that it has the Right Content in it.

Trust you me that makes the difference!!!

So before we go on a guilt trip or choose to find faults with others, let’s revisit the content in our glasses, as they say

What you sow, is what you reap!!

Have a wonderful ever after!!!

PC: The Independent


Don’t Give Up On Life, Not Yet!!!

Suicide: Decoded

The news of ‘a 25YO man succumbing to life-stressors and committing suicide’ featured on the front page of the national daily gazette that day. It shook me to the core and left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The article was extremely vocal about the suicidal trends. There was a decided rise in the suicide rates in the country. How the male population was superseding their female counterparts, the most vulnerable age starts from 15 and ranges up to 55!!

But isn’t that the prime of our lives??

The article ended on a note imploring what could be the reasons that the suicide rate in men was twice as much as compared to women, globally? (in some countries it’s even higher).

It left me thinking for several hours, did my daily chores while still mulling over it for days. Did some research, tried to put two and two together, not to make it a five but to reach a logical conclusion and also to find a way to address it.

While women go through an ordeal of domestic violence, rape, abusive relationships and inappropriate treatment which may end up in an act of committing suicide, men have stressors which become unbearable for them. The most common is the monetary or financial crisis and job-related pressure stands next.

In the series of Rape, Abuse and Molestation, I have tried to decode the behaviour that triggers the heinous act. With this post, I’m making an attempt to understand the biggest crime, SUICIDE,  irrespective of the gender, the age, the socio-economic strata and even the ethnicity.

Giving up on life happens, when quitting appears as an easier solution rather than facing stressful situations in life, which can be presented in form of a complicated relationship, financial crisis, job-related pressures, a life-threatening or altering event.

This happens to all of us at some point in our lifetime. A large set of people who pull through this use ways that they find appropriate irrespective if it is healthy or not. In some cases, it is by finding solace in isolation resulting in depression and others it is via substance abuse, drugs, alcohol and similar pacifiers.

As a community, we need to develop a habit of extending support as much as we need to start seeing help from others when we face such a situation. Be it our family, friends, relatives just about anyone with whom we are comfortable opening our bottled up feelings.

Here is one more thing that can be done and that is when life-stressors are taking a toll on you, ask yourself the following questions:

What are your strengths?
What is the purpose of your life?

Who would you like to be?
What kind of a person you would like to be known as?

What would make you laugh like a kid, again?
Who is your go-to person?

What are the most crucial things for you?
(any 3 or 5)
At which position have you kept yourself in this priority list?

What values are important to you?
What values do you deviate from?

The responses will reflect upon your choices, your opinion about yourself and how much you value your life.

You may like to persuade your significant others to answer these questions. Use this exercise to answer these questions for each other and do a quick-check “How Much Do I Know You?” and rekindle the flame of love, all over again!!!

☠☠☠ Alert: According to the WHO, one person succumbs to these life-threatening stressors every 40 seconds!! Watch out!!!

Writer’s Plea:

For A Healthy Grind, We Use  A Dental Care,
For A Healthy Mind, Do Some Mental Care!!!

Please seek professional help, whenever needed.
Warm hugs