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MyTwoCentsSeries #1. From One Woman to Another!!!

So motherhood teaches you innumerable skills….most importantly, it teaches you to be Live in The Moment…..Making the Most of NOW, who can ever know it better than a mother…who is catching up on her sleep while the baby is taking the feed, trying to gobble up her meals in between her baby’s performance in the diaper or restrooms( which happens perpetually every time she decides to sit & have her food )🙃 up on her night’s sleep when the baby is unwell…& the ultimate is MULTITASKING!!!

By no means I am trying to portray a picture of a poor, helpless & misearble mother to evoke sympathy. This is the new age Mum !! (Remember the picture of a woman having 10 hands that pops up every 8th March !!)

Today’s Mums have a very chilled out temperament, or at least that’s what She wants to believe, she has. She is better equipped (mentally, academically & may be rationally too) than her previous generations. How learning of one area gets translated to the execution of another !!

Ironic as it may sound, despite being better equipped this generation of Mothers are under tremendous stress, unlike their predecessors. While writing a paper on “Emotional Intelligence & Mental Well-being of Women” for my research work, I came across over 300 women from various socio-economic backgrounds, full-time Woking Mum’s to full-time Home Makers to Working from Home Mothers to Singletons to single Mums. Some I met, some chatted online, some were courageous to share their details others wanted to remain anonymous. When asked how they handle stress@ work or home, other than the usual response of yoga, meditation, work out came the unique response like creating a METIME, be it while socializing with friends in kitty party or pubs, or killing calories in Zumba/Aerobics or hitting gym or doing long distance runs/pedaling or going on a solo trip or just building a new hobby.

Interestingly, there was one thing common amongst each one of us, each one was or should I say, is constantly & consciously or unconsciously practising what Yogi’s call HathYoga…testing your limits…Seeing how far you can have control of mind on body. It’s very encouraging to see how today’s Woman is working to strike a balance between what she wants from her life & what is expected out of her role.

While trying to prove ourselves in front of people around us, we are creating a whirlpool for ourselves….trying to cope with it all, & excelling in everything that we do because basically, you are a woman & WOMEN CAN MULTITASK !!

Don’t!!! You don’t have to do everything perfectly. You are not perfect; nobody is!! So relax, breath, let your hair loose girl…take a walk on the beach…climb the mountain…solo or with a will be fine…just sing the song that life taught you & with a beautiful smile on your face, carry on…

Each one of you, reading & resonating – YOU are My Hero…You are a Wonder Woman !!! You have the power to choose today & write the fate of generations to come.

With Love,
From one Woman to Another !!!

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PS: I take this opportunity to thank all those women who participated & shared their formulae of mental well-being while I was writing the paper. You will read some of their stories under #MeetTheMomSeries..