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Life in IT – #1

He was one of the Ace Performers in his team, “Boss’s favourite” a computer science graduate from one of the reputed Engineering Colleges. So when he decided to quit the job, it had to be the talk of the town, buzz of the hour, a breaking news!!!

He always had this spark, this zeal to pick up challenges, his friends loved him for his great sense of humor. If there was any blue ocean strategy project coming, everyone would know whose name will be on the top of the list. Interestingly, he knew exactly why all his managers wanted him to be on the most critical & high pressure projects.

It was not just because of his tech-know-how or his “Zero Deffect” every single time his code went the code review. It was also because he was a bachelor, who lived thousands of kilometers away his family, in a paying guest accommodation. So, there were no commitments at personal front, he could be made to stretch for any long hours, the onsite visits, for him would extend from weeks to months, no distractions !!

So what would have triggered this decision?

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Author: Shivali

A Counselor, A Research Scholar & A Fitness Enthusiast, Exploring herself on an Inward Journey !!

9 thoughts on “Life in IT – #1”

  1. The drive to find answers to what am I doing and why am I doing it may have struck hard.

    It could be anything from a different category of challenge to seeking better recognition to preparing for a family life to searching for the much hyped work-life balance!! that could have driven this decision.

    A winning mindset would never change. It’s only the priorities that change.

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